Hi guys! My name is Ginger, I live in the Little Black Giants kennel in the suburbs of Belgrade, on the countryside.

I live with a big girl Kira and have a friend named Che, who recently came from Russia. He’s a little bit older than me, but we get along pretty well.  I was wondering if he’ll be bigger than me, but now I know, he is a very handsome guy… Kira told me that one day we can become a couple and have children, I am not sure how that would look like, but I am excited to see how things will develop.

Uncle Isa told me that snow is very interesting, I still haven’t seen it, I only know it’s cold…

They say that winter is our season. When everything gets white, the lake freezes, sometimes nature looks like Newfoundland, an island in Canada from where our ancestors are.

Little Black Giants