Family full of enthusiasts decided to share their love for Newfoundland dogs with the whole world and started breeding Newfies. That’s us – Little Black Giants – we are a family that enjoys in a company of four Newfoundlands: Ismail, Lasa, Lena and the youngest Kira.


What type of breed is Newfoundland?

Newfoundland is a massive and powerful dog, but very gentle in nature. They are calm, sociable, generous, intelligent and brave. They are also very affectionate to their master and learn very quickly, without too much effort. Never reacts nervously.

They are very attached to their owner and the house and they find it difficult changing owners. They love children and are extremely gentle with them. Newfoundland dog likes farm animals and is friendly towards them and often invites them to play.


If you have enough space to hold a large dog that is as smart as cuddly, Newfoundland is a great choice.

Unconditional love