Hello everyone, I’m Darkflight Yishma’el . I came to Little Black Giants from Russia.
The strongest Russian blood from Bereg Don and the best American blood from Wisconsin, from the kennel Seabrook Newfoundland, are mixed in me.
Sometimes at night I dream to fly through the darkness to Russia, to the coast of Dona, where my dad is from. And sometimes I fly to Wisconsin and Lake Michigan and my mother’s ancestors, champions from Pouch Cove and Seabrook. I think they would be happy to see my Lake Tikvara and the Danube River in Backa Palanka. The Danube is huuuuuuuuuuge; I love swimming there, and the lake is for little babies … I am a champion … well, well … a future champion …
I hope I will have the opportunity to visit lands I dream of –  who knows, maybe i’ll go there to some competition … And maybe some of my future puppies will come back to the land of their grandfathers …
I’m still young, I just started to compete. So far I won 3rd place on Puppy Bis in the whole show, of all races. But it’s just the beginning … You’ll will hear about me more and more in times to come …


Hello, I’m Lena, a female Newfoundland, as you can see. As a very little pup, I arrived at the Little Black Giants Newfoundland kennel. In fact, it was not even a kennel back then, it became a kennel when my sister Lasa and I arrived. One man with mustaches accepted us and he cares about us every day, gives us food, walks with us every morning to the Danube and waits while we swim; he drives us to the vet when needed and helps us with our puppies.
I love cuddling, crawling around my stomach and playing with children. I like walking through the woods by the lake. I just need to look at Lasa and in seconds we arrange to escape through the forest to the lake. Later, our mustache man is a bit angry with us, but he quickly passes through. It’s just enough to look at him gently, rise my head and wave with my tail … and then he laughs and says “You’re really naughty girls!”
We recently got another friend here, Darkfligt Ismail. He’s a little younger than us, and very cute. Lasa says he thinks he is irresistible because he has two girls, so he can choose … I think she’s a little jealous because Ismail loves playing with me 😉


Hi guys. My name is Lasa, I live in the Little Black Giants kennel in Backa Palanka, near the Danube. I have a sister Lena and a friend Isa, who recently came from Russia. He’s still young, but he’s almost as big as the two of us. They say he’ll be huge … I’m wondering if he’ll be bigger than me.

Life in Backa Palanka is very fun. Every morning we go for a walk, we swim in the Danube, we run through the forest. It’s the best in the winter, when the snow falls. Lena and I play all day in a big yard and we run across the snow. Sometimes we fight with Fluffy, a black male puddle. He is black and curly, only small, like a puppy. But he runs like a big dog, even I can’t get him …

It’s not bad here during the summer as well, it’s just a little hot, but swimming in the Danube is great, we refresh ourselves and play in the water. Although, if I can choose, winter is my season. When everything gets white, the lake freezes, sometimes nature looks like Newfoundland, an island in Canada from where our ancestors are.

lasa newfoundland