Hello everyone, my name is Carmen Bear of the Monk or simply Kira and I was born in Brno, Czech Republic.

My father is famous International Baldof Black New Denis Bear Champion (HD A, ED 0/0) and my mother is Anessa Bear of the Monk (HD A, ED 0/0). I hope I will be a fine blend of my father’s dignity and my mother’s elegance and I will surpass my parents with titles. At least I’ll try. Even now I am as big as a male, and I retained the elegance of the female. At the shows judges say I’m good when moving around …

Hmm, I’m also very good when I’m lying, they just didn’t have the opportunity to see that… My family in Little Black Giants expects a lot from me, and I am convinced that I will overcome their expectations and become the pillar of Little Black Giants kennel … Of course together with Isa, I think we will be a great couple … He looks at me strangely, I think he likes me 😀

Little Black Giants