Hello, I’m Lena, a female Newfoundland, as you can see. As a very little pup, I arrived at the Little Black Giants Newfoundland kennel. In fact, it was not even a kennel back then, it became a kennel when my sister Lasa and I arrived. One man with mustaches accepted us and he cares about us every day, gives us food, walks with us every morning to the Danube and waits while we swim; he drives us to the vet when needed and helps us with our puppies.
I love cuddling, crawling around my stomach and playing with children.
I like walking through the woods the lake. I just need to look at Lasa and in seconds we arrange to escape through the forest to the lake. Later, our mustache man is a bit angry with us, but he quickly passes through. It’s just enough to look at him gently, rise my head and wave with my tail … and then he laughs and says “You’re really naughty girls!”
We recently got another friend here, Darkfligt Ismail. He’s a little younger than us, and very cute. Lasa says he thinks he is irresistible because he has two girls, so he can choose … I think she’s a little jealous because Ismail loves playing with me ?
Little Black Giants