Hi guys! My name is Lasa, I live in the Little Black Giants kennel in the suburbs of Belgrade, on the countryside. I have a sister Lena and a friend Isa, who recently came from Russia. He’s younger than us, but he’s has overgrown us already.  I was wondering if he’ll be bigger than me, but now I know, he is a very handsome guy…

We moved here from Backa Palanka. Life in Backa Palanka was very fun.


Every morning we go for a walk, we swim in the Danube, we run through the forest. It’s the best in the winter when the snow falls. Lena and I play all day in a big yard and we run across the snow. Sometimes we fight with Fluffy, a black male puddle. He is black and curly, only small, like a puppy. But he runs like a big dog, even I can’t get him …


It’s not bad here during the summer as well, it’s just a little hot, but swimming in the Danube is great, we refresh ourselves and play in the water.


Although, if I can choose, winter is my season. When everything gets white, the lake freezes, sometimes nature looks like Newfoundland, an island in Canada from where our ancestors are.

Little Black Giants