Hermione The Bright


Hi guys,

My name’s Hermione, and not just that – I am Hermione the Bright 🙂 My mom says that I am the brightest girl she has ever seen. Then again, she is my mom – can you blame her for saying things like that?

Right now, I am a little bacuddling with my brothers and sisters. We keep competing who will be the first to reach our mom and start nursing! I won a couple of times but my sister Adrianna is usually the fastest. I wish I were as fast as she is, but then again, I am bigger than her and can do some other things that she can’t, ha!

I became quite popular because of the name I’m carrying. I heard older dogs talking about some Queen Hermione existing in Shakespeare’s play Winter’s tale. Hermione is a queen, a matron, and a mother; she is good and beautiful, and royally descended. A majestic sweetness, a grand and gracious simplicity, an easy, unforced, yet dignified self-possession, are in all her deportment, and in every word she utters.

I feel like a princess because I’ve been treated like a royal here. There are strange creatures that walk on two legs that come to see us. They are very tall and have the strangest barking I could ever imagine! They are nice, they give us water and they bring food to our mom. They are known as humans – they must be aliens came from another planet! But, I enjoy very much when they pet me, they are always gentle and kind.

My mom told me that very soon some humans will came to take me home and to become my family. I’m a little scared as I don’t want to leave my mom but she says that they will give me lots of love and become my new family. I hope there will be small humans to play with – I would loooooooove to go for a swim with them…