Hannah Snow Walk



You might wonder what’s written here or if your display is broken, but I just said hello in Hebrew JI am Hannah Snow Walk and I have the best family in the whole world!

There are lots of interesting things that we can do with our mom – she says that we can achieve anything if we have a strong belief. My name roots come from Hebrew and means ‘favour’ or ‘grace’. No wonder I love helping people and give them as many things as I can.

When I grow up I would like to become a teacher, or a doctor, or a scientist… Or maybe to keep up with things I’m good at and to become a BIG dog. What do you guys think?

I heard that there are many famous Hannas in the world, have you heard of any of them? There’s a girl named Hannah Stockbauer (born 1982), she is a German swimmer. I would looooooove to be as good as she is and maybe to help out when rescuing people from waters. Even tho I never swum before, I am looking forward to it! Imagine all those waves and sun and sand… Oh boy, I can’t wait for it! Hope my new family will take me swimming. Maybe I’m gonna catch some fish as well J

My siblings keep joking that I put all paws into the snow so they became white. I think I’m handsome and good looking with paws like this, they must be wrong! Mom says that they are white as snow and that I will like playing on the snow during the winter. I don’t know what show is, but if she says so I will take her word for it J

So long and don’t forget to help people!