Hobbit Icy Paw


Hello everyone,

I am Hobbit Icy Paw and I’m getting ready for an unexpected journey*!

I would like to see the Middle-Earth and to stay there should I like it. Our region is small and named Shire and I’m very curious nature. My brother and sisters say that you have to be quite brave for a journey like that. I am very, very courageous and adventurous. When the strong wind is blowing outside everyone slips under mummy’s belly, but I take a peak sometimes! There was ice falling onto the roof once and I didn’t get scared… that much… 😀

Mom jokes that I put my paw into the bowl with milk when I was a little so it became icy white. Well, I know I’m still just a little puppy but I am three times the size I was upon the birth already! When we are nursing I am always the last one there. My mom usually cuddles with her nose and says: “Come on, it’s enough for now… leave something for dinner…”

And I want to be a big boy as soon as possible so I can find that Smaug and to say it’s been enough of that devastation**!  People say that dragons are big and dangerous. They cannot be as big as Newfoundlanders for sure! My dad is huuuuuuuuuge and he is not dangerous at all! And aslo, Newfs do not have a point of weakness… So, Smaug, you can desolate for just a little while until I grow up…


*(The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey)

**(The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)