Heroic Adrianne


Hello world,

Lemme tell you one thing! I am sure my name will be heard very very far away! I am Adrianne from Little Black Giants kennel and everyone says I’m fearless! That’s why my full name is Heroic Adrianne J

I enjoy discovering new places – I even went outside once! Oh boy, was my mom angry and worried that day… Luckily enough, everything turned out right so she put me her belly and started cuddling with me… phew… that was a relief!

I love playing around, snooping, jumping, running and I am always the first to come when my mom calls us. I don’t know why my sisters got scared when I climb on the step – it’s not as scary as it looks like, girls! Come here with me!

I was being told that I will not live with my mummy and my siblings forever. I will go to a better place with my new family. I was sad but when they told me that I will be able to go to some interesting expeditions and to explore new places all the sadness was gone! I hope they will take me to forests and to the beach – I can’t wait to dive into deep waters!

I live at the place where the Pannonian Sea once was. Adrianne should represent the girl from Adriatic Sea, but that’s pretty close I’d say! I would like to establish a tribe with my new family so we can have many adventures together – to become new Amazonians… I mean Adriannians 😀