Hearty Heidi


Heey-Ay-EEE-Oooo, I’m Heary Heidi – one sweet little girl who would love the most to see the Alps. I heard stories that nature is beautiful there with lots of snow and lakes that I adore… I also heard that it’s not too hot on summers like at our place… I already imagine myself swimming in some lake and learn rescuing people.

I think I will be the best safeguard dog ever! I have massive webbed paws and when I grow older the skin between my toes will became very similar to fins… I will swim the fastest of all the Newfs and will help and rescue all the ones that experience problems in the water. My thick, oily, and waterproof double coat will keep me warm during the winter, oh and snow…. I just loooooove snow!

I heard that there lives the boy named Peter who can’t wait to meet me and to show me the whole Alps. I don’t know what that is exactly but mama says that nature there is very similar with the one in Canada, there’s just no sea there. And I don’t know what’s the nature in Canada either… To be honest, I have no idea what Canada is JPetar will explain that to me for sure, he knows everything. Who knows – maybe once, when we grow and become adult dogs, we visit that Canada and Newfoundland Island? Mama says that her grandma and grandpa lived there… I might even win in some dog competition, water rescues or yodeling…